64 Bars / David Dallas | MV,歌詞


[ 64 Bars / David Dallas , Beat: STUTS ]


Yeah, yeah, yeah

Been the right dude at the wrong time for a long time
But you fuckin’ up if you think that now is not mine
Couldn’t slow the roll with a stop sign
And you know the buzz never dies,
I got John Snow’s plotline
Stop lyin’ like you really do shit
Took me two ticks to come and hit you with the Tokyo exclusive
Trained to Shibuya flow,
you are who you ain’t in a studio
Pull your card, ain’t a game of Yu-Gi-Oh
They’re imitatin’ ObyO,
they’re imitatin’ tede-e
That shit I don’t like,
work to keep it gebe-e
I pass on ‘em like I’m CP-3
Can’t compete with me
I probably make you blown away at a DVD
It’s obsolete to me
I’m talking bargain bin fire sales xxx
This how I need to be
Ruthless as Easy-E
Came through in a coach jacket like I’m Easy-E
Sayin’ what the fuck I want
Ain’t no word policin’ me at all
Think you on some next but I seen it all before
Look behind the scenes and it’s me you gotta call
Shenanigan or 64,
I’m schemin’ on it all
Politics and partyin’ I bring the culture forward
The writer’s right there,
you can read it on the wall
I’m up 16, now they even on the board
‘till they even up the score
Don’t speak on me no more
What’s the meaning of it all
Not an All Black but I rap though
Same flow from the get-go to the death though
Wasn’t in it just to get dough or to get hoes
Or to side-step the dress code at the best shows
Down the line you get so twisted up in it
Forget those wide-eyed days you discovered it
Sideline hoes who say they do it for the love of it
Question if they really fuck with it, nah
This is not a mixtape man
Or another sick day
I been workin’ 6am
Somebody went and push play and
Your hobby turned into a job
Light work turned into a slog
Now you tryna’ get it off like a yellow car
Tryna’ run it back like you Jared Hayne
How you did it when you didn’t have a name
Long as you got your health than you can’t complain
You could brush it off and start again
Start again…
Nah man I can’t complain
Got the Team NZ theme song, I’m in another lane
They picked up the America’s
Couple mean playin’, wish my old man was here
Wonder what he’d be saying, it’s a trip man
Already four years that was quick man
It’s slow sinkin’ in, this is quick-sand
They ain’t lyin’ when they said “this is it man”
Yeah this is it man
So, can’t be out here soundin’ like luggage
I turned the radio off and said “fuck it”
Gotta do my own thing, gotta be above it
Show them all what the buzz is
This is that NZ,
South Aucks, Papatoetoe king shit
Not Lorde or Lord of the Rings shit
This is that border what you bring shit
So I come through like Manu on the wing when he’s in his prime
Your girl’s alright,
I ain’t tryna’ lie
Can’t laugh at your jokes cos you kinda dry
Call a Taxi now,
I ain’t tryna’ drive
Pour the drinks up quick when it’s time to ride
Talkin’ 9 to 5, it’s all business
Talkin’ 5 to 9, it’s no difference
This is that food for thought, you do the dishes
Been keepin’ things on the low like a mistress
I’m out

「64 Bars」とは、Red Bull Music Presents の1MC,1ビートだけで構成される、64小節のヒップホップをモノクロ映像で収めたシリーズ。


01:David Dallas × STUTS
03:DIAN × Pxrxdigm. from WONK
04:SHINGO★西成 × ZOT on the WAVE
05:輪入道 × DJ WATARAI
07:EGO × Staxx T a.k.a. T’Z BEATZ
08:SIMON JAP × Michel James(BCDMG)
10:Zeebra × Lil’ Yukichi




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